Impact of Google’s Most Recent Update on SEO

People wonder what recent Google update is all about. Well, the matter of fact is that it is something which the spammers would find out about sooner than anyone else.

However, it doesn’t really mean that new update targets spammers. However, this update focuses on content rather than shopping pages which are used as foundation by black hat practitioners. In other words, the update is mainly about the relevance rather than bare linking.

So, it would be worth talking about what Google promotes rather than talking about what Google is actually trying to target with the help of this update.

Google’s AI algorithm

There are some amazing things the Google algorithm does. The recent change mainly focuses on reevaluation of SEO elements which include title tags and heading elements.

Now, you have to keep in mind that Google have moved quite ahead of just matching title tags and heading elements to search queries. Having that said, the important thing to take into consideration in this regard is the match between author intent and user intent while making a query.

What was August 2018 update all about?

The update released in August 2018 was mostly referred to as medic update because there was a hint that Google has targeted some medical sites.

It is not the case.

John Mueller negated the idea that Google’s new update targets medical sites by saying:

The update we launched… around the first of August, was more of a general ranking update. Like we always do. So it’s not specific to medical sites. It’s something that could affect… any website out there.

Generally, it would be a bad idea to declare any of the Google’s update to target specific industries because it doesn’t normally make any sense. From Mueller’s comments, it is obvious that Google’s recent update focuses on general ranking. And when we talk about ranking, we talk about the relevance.

Neural matching algorithm

Neural Matching Algorithm is an AI algorithm which serves 30 percent of the total searches made on Google. Neural Matching Algorithm is the kind of algorithm that deals with deeper understanding of what a user means while making a search query. It also tends to understand the main concept of the content on a page. The main job of this algorithm is to combine both of these factors without the use of links.

Now, it doesn’t really mean that links are not important in the Google ranking system. However, the type of Google algorithm we are talking about comes into action after Google has done the ranking job.


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